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On-Location: Zabcab Campaign, Miami Beach, FL

advertising + media buying

This year, over $500 billion will be spent on advertising globally, with nearly half coming from digital. In fact, by 2020, the majority of ad spend will be on digital. But, not all ads are created the equally. Great campaigns have a clear message, are memorable, and evoke an emotional response in the consumer. 

We understand that the target consumer's demographics and geographic location play an important role in the creative process. We spend a significant amount of time with clients and with available data to ensure we've examined all the important questions before embarking on the creative exploration.

Why? Because the Harrison Edwards ad team has Madison Avenue pedigree and has the experience and knowledge to guide you through the process. Harrison Edwards has won scores of awards for outstanding achievement, and has earned praise from many happy clients.


Our media buying team has long-standing relationships and are experts in traditional and digital categories. We target, geo-fence, segment, and much, much more. Clients continue to be thrilled with the results on a local, regional, and national level.

Today's ads are required to meet the ever-changing attention spans of consumers, yet still be clever, beautiful, and relevant. We're up to the challenge.  Harrison Edwards develops ads for across sector platforms--from consumer products and tech, to healthcare, infrastructure, and economic development, While we generate quite a bit of traditional creative (print, TV, radio, advertorial, out-of-home), more than half of our current portfolio is digital (display, pay-per-click, video pre-roll, social, sponsored content)

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your campaign needs.

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