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Data Dashboard


It's been long said that data is currency. We agree and help our clients make data-informed decisions in their public relations and marketing campaigns. ​

Our team of digital marketers are obsessed with data. We've been known to spot emerging trends and help clients take advantage of the opportunity before their competitors.

We also use data and predictive analytics in our story pitching, in the selection of headlines, to inform open rates of e-mail marketing, and even in driving engagement on social media platforms. And of course, we used data-informed decision making to build content for client websites, and analyzing site traffic.

How does this apply in the real world? Recently, while working with one of our long-term nonprofit clients, we were able to identify geographically the areas where donors were most engaged, which messages drove action, and how to scale-up online giving. They now have a new, robust revenue stream with tons of future promise.


These are among the many examples of how we use analytics in just about every aspect of our practice to help our clients achieve the best possible impact. 

We'd love to discuss how we could help you incorporate analytics in your PR and marketing efforts!

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