Nearly Half of Smart Speaker Users Access News Content, CNN Tops the List

We recently shared news with you that by the end of 2018, more than half of U.S. households would have a smart speaker like an Amazon Echo or Google Home. Smart speaker ownership doubled from 2017-2018 and shows no sign of slowing down. This creates a significant opportunity for brands--small business, nonprofits, and large corporations alike--to code their websites for smart speaker search. A Big Opportunity for Brands At Harrison Edwards, our digital marketing team are experts in voice search coding and are working with clients of all sizes to ensure their sites are able to capture a larger share of relevant search traffic. Initial results have been strong. One client whose business is hea

The Power of PR: Harrison Edwards Featured in 914inc Magazine

We're not exactly used to being in front of the camera, but it's certainly nice to have our work acknowledged in the latest issue of 914inc. Magazine! Our Founder & CEO Carolyn Mandelker discusses how our practice has evolved to incorporate analytics, digital marketing, and video content. But as she always says, "the tools may change, but having the right message is what's most important." Harrison Edwards is truly at the intersection of PR, digital, and content marketing. Read the article "The Power of PR" here. #Communications #PublicRelations

Statement from Carolyn B. Mandelker, President & CEO of Harrison Edwards on Amazon's HQ2 Ann

With Amazon confirming today that it will build part of its HQ2 in Long Island City, Westchester wins through osmosis; the door now opens for other New Economy businesses to follow. We just need them to cross the city line and think Westchester. And they might, provided we give them what they need. New Economy companies, existing businesses, healthcare providers, and entertainment outlets need a large digital workforce and the right digital infrastructure, let alone space, amenities, and new forms of transportation. So, it is critically important to ready our communities and to move quickly. For starters, we need to take a hard look at our infrastructure—in particular, high-speed digital co

Meet The Harrison Edwards Broadband Team Tomorrow at Connected NE

Ah, autumn in New England. Those colors. That crisp air. The robust dialogue about widespread broadband and small cell / 5G deployment! It all happens Thursday, November 8, 2018 at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, Connecticut at New England Connect, a day-long regional conference on ensuring fast, reliable broadband internet for all.. The conference will examine how Connecticut's mayors have successfully deployed fiber in their communities, and how they are readying for the proliferation of small cell antennas. Speakers will share their successful models, and there will be an update on the Municipal Gain, Connecticut's unique rule allowing government to use a portion of telephone

Podcast: 'Political Will is the One Topic...'

This week, Harrison Edwards' Executive VP for Broadband, Bob Knight, appeared on the national Community Broadband Bits Podcast to discuss the ever-important topic of political will and fiber projects. Bob and Deb Socia, Executive Director of Next Century Cities, were interviewed by ILSR's Christopher Mitchell on the importance of community engagement and how having political will helps drive broadband projects forward. At September's Great Lakes Connect broadband conference, Bob says that political will is the one topic that kept coming up in nearly ever session. Bob, Deb, and Chris discussed the many reasons why. Some of the points made on the podcast are: Broadband advocates who are succes

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