Commercial Property Values Up With Fiber

We were delighted to learn this week of a recent CoStar study pointing to an increase in property value when a commercial building has fiber connectivity. The study, that was mentioned at a recent Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) meeting in White Plains, New York, compared data from buildings that had fiber connectivity with those with out. The CoStar team reports a 7% increase in property value among commercial buildings with fiber connectivity. Fiber networks have the speed, capacity, and reliability to run next-generation gigabit-speed internet service, VOIP, and other modern data-intensive services. The networks also serve as the backbone to build forthcoming 5G networks

In Support of Connecticut's Municipal Broadband Deployments, Economy

I was asked last week to testify before the Energy and Technology Committee of the Connecticut General Assembly in support of Senate Bill 846 that clarifies Connecticut's long-standing Municipal Gain statute, adds language regarding municipal broadband deployments, and bolsters policies surrounding utility pole attachments. Sexy stuff! In Connecticut, where my family and I reside, our state has a unique statute allowing municipal government to use allotted space on utility poles for any reason, for the public good. The legislative intent of this statute has been called into question by the telecom lobby, fearful it will enable new entrants into the market (including municipally-owned network

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