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Brands Have an Hour to Respond to a Crisis

crisis communications

With a strong background in political and government PR, nobody does crisis communications and reputation management like Harrison Edwards.


Just like in medicine, there is a "golden hour" in crisis communications. Our seasoned team springs into action to tell your story quickly, issue statements, mitigate any misinformation, contain damage,​ or respond appropriately to trolls. We monitor the narrative off-line and on-line and intervene when appropriate.

It's why Harrison Edwards has built a reputation as the go-to agency for crisis communications. On a weekly basis, our team counsels clients from a host of industries on how best to respond to a crisis. We counsel elected officials, heads of industry--we've even counseled European royalty! 

We work with clients to develop crisis playbooks with well-defined protocols for those within the organization. We're also available to respond to acute matters--either onsite or remotely--to manage the media, and the story. We often serve as spokespeople. 

Examples of crises we've successfully managed include well-publicized malpractice suits, sexual misconduct allegations, organized labor strikes, highly-publicized loss of funding, health insurance cuts, layoffs, hostile takeovers, allegations of fraud and abuse, police matters, and even immigration policy. Believe it or not, we've even handled allegations on Christmas Day!


Contact us if you have a crisis brewing. Our crisis team is available 24/7. 

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