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The Message Remains the Most Important

digital + social media


When it comes to campaign management,

Harrison Edwards is one of only 154 agencies in the nation

to earn the Facebook Marketing Partner designation.

In 2004, Harrison Edwards was the first agency in Westchester, NY--where we were founded--to launch a digital marketing campaign to promote a national-best selling book.  Digital marketing has come a long way since then. Chatrooms morphed into Myspace, which morphed into Facebook, blogs, Twitter, and Snapchat. Now, digital marketing is marketing.


But one thing has remained constant through the rapid change: The message matters.

Our digital strategists engage with clients to best understand goals and expectations. We then work as a diverse team--the wisdom of experience coupled with the innovation of digital natives--to create digital marketing strategies that deliver time and time again.

For just about all of our clients, we manage daily social media campaigns, including monitoring and responding to comments when appropriate. We work from a weekly or monthly matrix to ensure all touch points are covered. We're big believers in visual social media content.

Today, more than half of Harrison Edwards' work is in the digital space. From content marketing and blogging, to social media and influencer campaigns, every HEPR team member thinks digitally. We even use analytics to inform the best course of action for our clients.

Speak to us to learn how we can develop a winning digital campaign for you.

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