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With the Right Plan, Projects Receive Faster Approvals

economic development

Building the right ecosystem for your community is the future of economic development. We know because we're current and former economic development and zoning officials. Today's economic development is more than business attraction and retention; it's about workforce and community development, and having the right digital infrastructure to move data and be the foundation for telehealth and Smart City deployments.

Behind the dream is our experienced and innovative PR and marketing team. We've been working in the space for years, representing municipalities, counties, developers, and broadband providers. We understand politics and the pace of government (and more importantly, the pace of the private sector). 

Some of the areas we're experienced in promoting:

  • Community broadband deployment

  • Real estate development

  • Business incubators and accelerators

  • Workforce development and job training

  • Business attraction

  • Site selection

  • Transportation

  • Zoning matters

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