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Permitting Revenue Increased 452% for HEPR Clients

entertainment + film

We live in stressful times and more and more, people are looking for an escape, to be entertained. There's been a big shift in the marketplace as arts, sports, film, dining, and recreation are all coming together in the mind of the consumer as "entertainment." 

From promoting live acts, museum exhibitions, top-ranked podcasts, and even locations for the TV and film industry, our experienced team knows how to get your story told effectively in a cluttered marketplace. We have relationships with trade and consumer outlets that can help spread your story to your target audiences. And we leverage social media to make sure your engaging in a meaningful way. 

Our clients have appeared in Entertainment Weekly, Variety, The Today Show, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Art in America, and more!

Some of the areas we're experienced in promoting:

  • Film Office (location scouting, tax incentives, permitting revenue)

  • Podcasts

  • Museums

  • Performing Arts

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