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Helping the Public Sector Share its Good Work


Government leaders do important work and answer to many stakeholders. Their job is challenging, often rewarding, and always interesting. The day can being one way, then take a dramatic turn with one phone call.

We come from government. We understand what it means to be an elected official and to lead an agency. For years, Harrison Edwards has been representing government agencies, following protocols, and assisting leaders in getting their story told properly. From acting as spokespeople for the Mayor or City Council, to arranging public safety press conferences, or keeping the press informed during incidents, our seasoned team is ready to support your efforts.

Some of the areas we're experienced in promoting:

  • Economic Development 

  • Workforce Development

  • Film & Tourism

  • Public Safety

  • City Management

  • City Council

  • Special Initiatives 

  • Stakeholder Awareness

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