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This Machine Zaps Tumors in One Shot

In a packed ceremony yesterday, White Plains Hospital officials unveiled "The Edge," a stereotactic therapy tool that can blast and destroy cancer tumors with a precise beam in as little as one treatment, and with no incisions. It is the first "Edge" in both Westchester County and the region.

"The Edge" is particularly effective for treating small tumors including brain tumors, but can also treat localized tumors almost anywhere in the body (pancreas, liver, spine, lungs). The beam's precision has less impact on healthy surrounding tissue.

On hand were Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-NY-17), White Plains Mayor Tom Roach, WPH Board Chair Larry Smith, WPH President and CEO Susan Fox, and WPH's Director or Radiation Oncology, Dr. Randy Stevens were there for the big moment.

Watch some of the coverage here.

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