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Rising Ground is one of the largest--and fastest-growing--social services organizations in New York. The nonprofit supports over 25,000 children, adults, and families in the Five Boroughs and Westchester each day, with a team of over 1,500 employees across 47 programs.  

Rising Ground is in the news... a lot. From sharing its innovative evidence-based programs to keep families intact, to providing desperately-needed mental health services in underserved parts of the City, to running award-winning special education Biondi Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, it's an organization on the move. 

Harrison Edwards' role is to share the amazing stories of people rising above adversity, happening each day in Rising Ground's programs. We regularly work with members of the media, and with the communications teams of elected officials to help ensure that Rising Ground's story is told and shared accurately and effectively. 

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