One of the Most Important Issues Facing Our Economy

workforce development

Workforce development has emerged as a cornerstone of economic development. Having a skilled regional labor force can make all the difference in site selection.  Also importantly, workforce development is a smart way to reduce individual reliance on public benefits.

Harrison Edwards has served as the promotional arm for one of the nation's most-successful workforce development initiatives that has retrained over 400 individuals for careers in the healthcare sector. We're also supporting efforts to retrain the long-term unemployed into technology jobs. 


There's nothing more gratifying than helping someone regain confidence with a new career. We'll bring our proven methods of promotion to your workforce development project! 

What we do:

  • Media Relations

  • Coordination with Multiple Stakeholders

  • Collaboration with Elected Officials

  • Digital Marketing

  • Advertising

  • Creative Storytelling

  • Events